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RSR073 : DISAPPEARING "Untitled" Cassette

Release Date:March 1, 2018

Pressing Info: 50 Cassettes, 25 Special Artist Edition w/ Signed Print

Track Listing:

side a: the shell, decayed (09:55)
side b: the body, disposable (09:52)

captured in winter 2017 by rain lucien matheke


Disappearing is a rule-based project of Rain Lucien Matheke, an interdisciplinary artist and cat mother based out of Los Angeles. Rain is a trans woman living with a rare primary immune deficiency disease. She holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Art from California State University, Northridge, and has exhibited and performed throughout California, as well as in Nebraska and New York. The result of the growing necessity for greater attention to themes explored in other live settings, disappearing is focused on the use of tape loops, tape machines, and effects as a means of exploring concepts of decay, loss, memory, and transformation.
Cover Art by : Rain Lucien Matheke
Layout by : Michael Daddona