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RSR060 : LOACHFILLET "" Cassette

Release Date:October,15 2016

Pressing Info: 100 chrome hi bias cassettes

Track Listing:

"DEATH AND DISSATISFACTION" is the seminal work from Bay area recording artist, archivist, and DJ Loachfillet. This cut brings together forty minutes of masterful tape woks, creaking, crawling, and slowly surrounding the listener with horror and awe. originally released on CHOCOLATE MONK (UK) on a limited edition cassette. Now it has been brought to life on chrome hi bias cassette and digital editions!

Loachfillet is an Oakland composer/producer working in the medium of analog electronics, employing techniques of Musique concréte and early Industrial music. With a focus on Reel-to-Reel tape loops and Analog Synthesizers, his music often incorporates heavy bass tones, processed rhythms, textural distortion and layers of rich frequencies to create cosmic sound collages and songs. Tape loop sources include field recordings, manipulated electronics, acoustic instruments, drums, mechanical devices and miscellaneous voices. By working in the analog medium, Loach's tonal process comes to the surface organically, yet the combined elements of audio circuits and studio processing also creates a, somewhat, futuristic tapestry.
All music composed, produced, and performed by Loachfillet
Cover Art by : Loachfillet


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