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RSR059 : LAS SUCIAS "¡Salte del Medio​!​" Cassette

Release Date:April, 26, 2016

Pressing Info: 100 chrome hi bias cassettes

Track Listing:
1. ¡Chiquito, Bendito! 08:25
2. Maldito Sufrimiento 08:17
3. No Contaban Con Mi Astucia 09:37
4. ¡Lavate'se culo! 07:20

Las Sucias is a feminist noise duo formed by Danishta Rivero and Alexandra Buschma. The Oakland based group's chaotic mix of influences range from old school Caribbean styles such as Reggaetón, Dembow and Dancehall, to Noise, European 1960's vanguard, Goth, Riotgrrrl Punk, Free Jazz, Experimental and Industrial. Additionally their sound was shaped by BOMBA and GAITA DE TAMBORA DE VENEZUELA, styles that already contain a blend of the cultures of Venezuela and Puerto Rico respectively.

¡Salte del Medio​!​ is the debut release from this international duo and brings together the perfect culmination of industrial, EBM, reggaeton, dembow, power electronics, and blown out dancehall. yeah, when was the last time you've heard all of those genres in a press release, think Diamanda Galas meets The Bug meets a broken reggaeton tape found on the beach. This is dark, twisted, and beautiful
All music composed, produced, and performed by Danishta Rivero and Alexandra Buschman
Recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Jacob Felix Heule.
Recorded at Life Changing Ministry, Oakland, CA
November 2015
Cover Art by : malocculsion


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