RATSKIN RECORDS | ratskin.org| RSR049: BIG DEBBIE "AB-RA-CA-DEB-RA" Cassette



Release Date: September , 2015

Pressing Info: 75 x Chrome Hi Bias Cassettes

Track Listing:

Side A
1. "Mouth Wide Opne (Your Eyes)" ft. TERROR APART
2. "Headbanger's Ballz" ft. GAY ORPHANZ
3. "Heartworm"
5. "Dos Lados" ft. CIRIZA
6. "Desert Transmission"

Side B
7. "Jump Through the Fire"
8. "Sea Priestess"
9. "Modern Pagan Dance Trance" ft. CIRIZA

Big Debbie was originally based in San Francisco, CA in 2012 by Sergey Yashenko, strictly as a bedroom recording project. Within a year these 4 track recordings surfaced in a form of limited cassette and vinyl releases on such labels as Cochon, Teen Action and Danish Skrot Up. Midheaven Dsitribution described the release as "Driving drum machine beats and repetitive fuzzed out, sludgy bass lines with some tape manipulated vocals that croon, whisper and growl mostly in English. Foggy, hypnotic, haunting and dancy at times, the music carries a strong 80's influence."

Within the next couple years, Debbie moved to Los Angeles, venturing out on several tours across U.S., Europe and Russia. Mostly as a solo act, she would occasionally team up with guest performers/friends such as Terror Apart, Future Blondes, Gay Orphans, Ciriza and Moscow's A.W.O.T.T. Eventually the name was changed to Big Debbie and a full length, (out on Ratskin Records), is suppose to capture the transition from bedroom to the stage. "AB-RA-CA-DEB-RA" is less of a demo then it's predecessor, there for perhaps a bit more accessible.
"AB-RA-CA-DEB-RA" - the sophomore album by Big Debbie brings to mind religious pagan celebrations as much as the 1980's industrial, goethe clubs. Big, sexy noise you can move to!

$6 ppd in US
$12 ppd rest of world