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RSR042: JEWELED SNAKES "Jeweled Snakes" Cassette

Release Date:may 2015

Pressing Info: 100 x Chrome Hi Bias Cassettes

Track Listing:

A: 1 Black Snakes
2. Don't Drown The Witches
3. Primate
B: 1. Cocktapuss
2. Hypersexual
3. Sexless Nights

Jeweled Snakes is a duo from Oakland, CA cutting up heavy, post industrial , synth pop/punk with a nasty and classy edge. Jeweled Snakes is Skot b (Malditos, Phantom Limbs, Decanter) and Sharkiface (Crack W.A.R., Diatric Puds, Pigs In The Ground etc) and on their first offical non demo release, they spit and claw out six gnarly yet delicate beat and synth driven tracks, with dynamic, seducing vocals to boot. Jeweled Snakes play in a futuristic, proto industrial styled pool of chopped and screwed synth punk. Throbbingly heavy, yet eerily dynamic Jeweled Snakes chews you up, swallows and then spits the listener back out into a shaking canyon of hypersexualized pleasure, pain, and confusion, Don't sleep on these future club cuts.

Review appears courtesy of KFJC
"Jeweled Snakes is an opportunity for Skot B (Phantom Limbs, Malditos, Altar De Fey) and East Bay noise queen Sharkiface (Diatric Puds and the Blobettes, Pigs In The Ground) to try their greasy hands at Goth-Industrial Synth Punk. This 2013 cassette combines insistent machine beats and squelchy science fiction synth work to explore the space between gloomy and horny, as well as between abstract and catchy. Both members sing, sometimes in tandem, usually through heavy effects. Somewhat similar territory to other contemporary purveyors of weird synthwave, such as V.E.X., Stacian, Bestial Mouths. The influence of Nervous Gender and Skinny Puppy is in there too. B1 (the fourth track) sounds like Throbbing Gristle rewriting Black Sabbath’s ‘Planet Caravan,’ and is probably the mellowest cut. A2, ‘Don’t Drown The Witches,’ also appears on Ratskin’s ‘Sentient Solder II’ compilation, which we have. It’s all satisfying sleaze"."

Review from KFJC Online Reviews
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