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RSR039 : MURDER MURDER "Crime Scene Stylee" Cassette

Release Date:Novemner, 21. 2013

Pressing Info: 64 x c50's

Track Listing:

A: Live at Life Changing Ministries 10/3/13

Paul Costuros - Horns, Vocals
Chris Dixon - Drums
Mikey Yeda - Trumpet, Vocals
Derek Gedalecia - Synth
Robert Sell - Synth
Josh Lindenfelzer - Drums
BR>B: Live at Life Changing Ministries 3/30/13
Paul Costuros - Horns, Vocals
Jose Palafax - Drums
Mark Small - Drums
Ce Ci Moss - electronics
Corydon R. - electronicsJose Palafax - Drums

RSR039 : MURDER MURDER "Crime Scene Stylee" Cassette

MURDER MURDER is a longstanding death jazz / avant garde grind project led by Paul Costuros (Total Shutdown / Death Sentence : Panda! Etc) and aided and abetted by many others over the years including currently on this recording members of Burmese, Headboggle, Loachfillet, Earth Jerks, and many more. These are two live recordings, both recorded at LCM Oakland, and offer a great representation of e wide destructive web of sound and blood cast by the crew of Murder Murder! Double drummer blast beats, droning analog synths, saxophone and manic howled screeched metal howled vocals are blasted forth from Costuros and crew to create a confusing menacing wall of tone war. Second to second , "Crime Scene Stylee" switches from brutal blast beats to krauty dark desert rhythms, and then back to fall apart maddening chaos, all glued together through screeching bleeding throat vocals, and death mental style saxophone. INITIAL PRESSING GONE as this was pressed exclusively for MM November 2013 JAPAN TOUR! Just repressed an additional 25 copies so scoop em up quick.

$6 ppd in US / Canada
$11 ppd rest of world