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RSR037:BONUS BEAST "Hardcore Brain Damage" Cassette

Release Date:Novemner, 21. 2013

Pressing Info: 50 x c50's

Track Listing:

A1: Destroy Everything
2. Disaster
3.Backdoors and Other Distractions
5.What is Fiction, Why is Fact
6.Afraid of Illusions
8.Recurring Dreams
9.Life's Too Short To Give A Shit
BR>B1: Hardcore Brain Damage
2.Dont Dream, It's Only Tomorrow
3. Inteference Patterns
4. Another Distraction
5. Sleeping On The Inside
6. What's Wrong, and What's left

RSR037:BONUS BEAST "Hardcore Brain Damage" Cassette

Oakland's Bonus Beast goes for the industrial damaged skull throb gold with his sophomore release for Ratskin, blending harsh, syncopated industrial beats, distorted apreggiated electro synths, and mis behaving drum machines for an all analog cacophony stew of jams for the damaged noggin. "Hardcore Brain Damage" is the culmination of over a year of King honing this sound through small edition demos and cryptic releases but this album comes full circle. Slicing its way into a post industrial tape hissed, beat driven apocalyptic wasteland of confusion and nerves tightening. Sounds like he went into the future with a tape machine and magnified the uncertainties of contemporary recording and brainwave modification techniques . For fans of early Esplendor Geometrico, Pam Sonic, Nocturnal Emissions, John Bender etc. Limied to 54 and going FAST!

$6 ppd in US / Canada
$11 ppd rest of world