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RSR031: SKIN GRAFT "Ill Will" c32

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Release Date: Nov 2, 2012

Pressing Info: 77 x c32

Track Listing:

RSR031: SKIN GRAFT "Ill Will" Cassette c32
first up "ILL WILL" from Cleveland, OH harsh master SKIN GRAFT. "ILL WILL" is just that - a dark, spiraling hole of the cathedral of memory that will never come to reality - what is your intention ? dark nauseous spirals of decaying consciousness blast the rear quadran of the brain in the form of crushing blasts - climbing feedback mountains of shredded speaker memory- pulsing machines - scraping , screeching at the shockra down the spine and through the shattered ankles of a dream- you are being haunted ad manipulated--- This album keeps the appearances of your own corpse strobing in front of your very own bloodied eyeballs- viscrally in tact at times minimal- but never without intent - ILL WILL brings the listener down a deep dark churning path of self Doubt into the breakdown and maiming of constructed sonic reality ----- good luck ????? Limited to 77. Chrome hi bias tapes - artwork by Pat "VOKE" Jacobson & MD3
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from ...NoiseMuzak Reviews
"I�m already familiar with Skin Graft from the Koufar split, so I am prepared from the barrage of scrape that will spew forth from the car speakers, it is going to be a troubling trip to work. For Christmas, this isn�t a festive venture. Watt Howland is in love with harsh noise, and it shows, side A of the album drives homes a sincere punch of consistent alternating hiss, a song which drags the listener for miles through introspection and complacent thoughts. We rise in the abortion of sound as its slight variations pull us deeper into the maw. I enjoyed this, and its abrupt halts, you are complacent, then surprised, then thrown back into the mix of hiss, further halts and granted silences lull the listener into a false security. A change of pedals perhaps? We are granted grounded bass and the high frequency scrapes, an orchestral manoeuvre in the harsh. The inoffensive gaps of silence just add to the mood. You are in, then just out, out as fuck, there is no room for complacency. The frequencies on display in Side B are amazing, the pitch gets straight into your head and rips it apart. One frequency is the low crackle of a fire in puberty, the other frequency a post shell shock pierce. As you look for the amputated limbs in the track it soon becomes clear that there is no change, no variation, you are there as yourself in the post war battlefield of the first track. Your ears seeking closure, your limbs scattered in the muddy shit of the trench."

SKIN GRAFT (at Polar Envy)