RSR011: SALSA PILE "THE Original Memory Apprehension Goggles" C60

Release Date: 6/6/2010

Pressing Info: 140 Chrome Hi Bias Cassettes

Track Listing:
A: 1. Untitled A Excerpt.mp3
B: 2. Untitled B

Fifty seven minutes stuck in a liquified conspiracy blender, gassily crafted by members of SOUP PURSE, BONUS BEAST, NERFBAU, and CRISPERION FETT.
Side A offers up just over twenty eight minutes of a push and pull harder landscape of gelatin microbials, skillfully shifted through a master mixer that fell into the stew for extra dynamic benefit.One sound triggers another which triggers twelve more and then back down to silence, or so you think, Endless display of contextualizing seemingly unrelated sounds into a well oiled salsa machine, Some super dense sonic landscape is layed forth on Side A, where Side B , will decimate your it slowly and curdily wraps itself around your ears and ankles and slowly pulls you into the veggie gutter of slime where you belong. This epic mess was improvised on gov't land in San Diego, CA at the beginning of 2010 @ la Casa de Soup.