RSR010: BONUS BEAST "Just Because You're Paranoid... Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You" C24


Release Date: 6/6/2010

Pressing Info: 120 Chrome Hi Bias Cassettes

Track Listing:
A: 1. Nothing Special
2. Sinus Reflection (complete w/ house outro)
3. Spell It Out For Me, Please
4. How!?
5. Terminally Yours.mp3
6. Buddha Meets Jesus and Friends At The Last Supper

B: 1. We Have Too...
2. 48 Hour Pizza Party
3. Karmic Escape Plann
4. Typing Contest w/ Recommended Snoozefest
5. Set Your Hair On Fire
6. Srlaaag At The Gates Of Dawn
7. Sgt Pepper's Magikal Recommendation for 2011
8. Ant farmological Disorderlies The Movie
9. The Enemy Within

No, but in this case, if you own this tape, he's guaranteed to track you down , and extrapilate your consciousness via bone drill bullseyes. This album presents a dense, meticulously crafted psychoatropic landscape of bulging eyeballs which see only the bleakest snakes of history, chattering teeth which will gnaw at your spine, and ears that leak brain grey radiation into your desk, amplified through the skillful destruction of magnetic tape, brainwave oscillation studies, and readymade sonic tragedies. There's no point to fight it, just jack in and achieve enlightment, because its more peaceful when you don't have to think, and can just fucking listen. Vertigo/insanity pretty much guaranteed if listened to with headphones/proper stereo field. Comes with real XRay of the artist's teeth...grosss....Ltd to 120 chrome cassettes.