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TAKE UP SERPENTS Mp3:Live on WLUW-ChicagoPart1.mp3 {2009}

NERFBAU / TAKE UP SERPENTS ::::: Summer 2010 Axctions....

Fri. 7/23 @ GTK. SF, CA w/Maids with Aids!, Chrome BonusGenii Beast, Gumball Rimpoche

Tue. 7/27 @ Club Ding A Ling @ Hyperion Tavern. 1941 Hyperion Ave. LA, CA. w/ Justice Yeldham {POSTER}

Wed. 7/28 @ Venice Beach

Thr. 7/29 @ Vlad The Retailer! (4355 Melrose Ave.) LA, CA w/ Basidiomycota, Chum Out! {POSTER}

Fri. 7/30 @ SeaHorse Sound Studios. San Bernadino, CA w/Ezra Buchla, Riververb, C.Summary {POSTER}

Sat. 7/31 @ Che Cafe. SD, CA w/Nero's Day At Disneyland, Mincemeat or Tenspeed

Sun. 8/1 @ Invisible Cottage. Flagstaff, AZ w/tba

Mon. 8/2 @ The Tree House. Albuquerque, NM w/ Fell Voices, Ash Borer, Cinik

Tue. 8/3 @ The Majestic Dwelling Of Doom. Denton, TX w/ tba

Wed. 8/4 @ The Moose Lodge. Austin, TX. w/ Aunt's Analog, Skullcaster, Dromez

Thrs 8/5 @ NotSuoH. Houston, TX w/Richard Ramirez, Kai/ros, T.E.F., A Thousand Cranes, White Gimp Mask {POSTER}

Fri. 8/6 @ 320 N. Maney. Murfreesboro, TN w/ tba

Sat. 8/7 @ Betty's. Nashville, TN w/ Terrorish, No Compassion, Motherwhale Eyeless

Sun. 8/8 @ Phonographic Arts. Cleveland, OH w/ 1 local tba. 3pm.

Mon. 8/9 @ Cool Ranch. Cleveland, OH w/ Shadow Self, SpacedoG & Jose Luna Duo, Arsonist's Preyer

Tue. 8/10 @ CAID. Detroit, MI. w/ Punctured Lung, more tba

Wed. 8/11 @ The Strutt. Kalmazoo, MI w/ Sid Redlin, Possible Unitard, Dental Work

Thrs 8/12 @ Brown Rice (4432 N Kedzie Ave.) -Chicago, IL w/ FluiD, Dental Work

Fri. 8/13 @ Elastic Arts Foundation. Chicago, IL w/ Vertonen, Karl Paloucek, Green Pasture Happiness

Sat.8/14 @ Fecal Manour. Minneapolis, MN w/ Vertonen, Cock E.S.P., Tender Meat, Baculum, Zombie Bite {POSTER}

Sun. 8/15 @ Cultiva Cafe. Lincoln, NE w/ tba

Mon 8/16 @ Further Shop. Denver, CO (BORIS After Party) w/ Bull of Heaven, Sense From Nonsense

Tue. 8/17 @ TBA Grand Junction, CO/ Salt Lake City, UT

Wed. 8/18 @ TBA Salt Lake City, UT

Thrs 8/19 @ TBA Davis, CA/ Sacramento, CA

Fri. 8/20 @ LCM. 1629 8th St Oakland, CA w/ Malditos (x-Loachfillet), Mike Shiflet (OH), GrannyZebra

AUDIO SAMPLE:Live on WLUW-ChicagoPart1.mp3 {2009}
AUDIO SAMPLE 2:Live on WLUW-ChicagoPart2.mp3 {2009}

Take Up Serpents are an anonymous collective of freedom fighters/musicians/healers/artists/spiritualists based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, with cells in other regions. Using elements of organized religion, the occult, mythology, science fiction, politics, world events, and personal demons, they work to weave a multi-sensory tapestry of sound & movement.

They have campaigned through Southern California & the Midwest of America, as well as performed regularly over the last 5 years, including appearances at the Brutal Sound Effects Festival, Noise Pancakes, RazorCut in the S.F. Bay Area, & the Matchitehew Assembly in Chicago, IL. T.U.S. has also performed live on the radio on KFJC in Los Altos Hills, CA twice & once on WLUW in Chicago, as well as part of the Polyglot Horde.

T.U.S. have appeared on several compilation releases & albums out on Dolor Del Estamago, Enterruption & Deathbomb Arc. They also have a new album, (Prayers) From Beneath the Sand, out on their public relations partners' label, Custodian, Color Zoo Containers.

CONTACT: takeupserpents(at)


:Nerfbau is a double-headed cultural deconstruction audio machine, stops at nothing to set up conceptual audio booby traps into the subconscious of sound. Nerfbau's live performances exist somewhere between sonic theatre, militaristic mockery through homemade weather modification devices, and the worship of exaggerated impossibilities and sonic terrorism. Nerfbau's installation projects examine cyclical relationships between sound and the body, psychoacoustics, architectural and collective memory through sound spaces, the affect of technology on consciousness and sonic therapy for the modern citizen.

Nerfbau has performed at, The Berkeley Art Museum, The International Noise Confrence San Francisco 2008/2010, Brutal Sound Effects Festival, Godwaffle Noise Pancakes SF, Ratskin Explastical Monthly, co runs the label Ratskin Records, and curated two monthly experimental music programs, RazorCuts and The Explastical Monthly

Nerfbau is currently recording full length albums for the esteemed Resipiscent Records , and Dolar Del Estamago, and recording EP's and/or splits for Haute Magie Records (TX), Placenta Recordings (MI), Lewcid Joosebox (CA) and Ratskin Records (CA)