ALIENSLANG "Yo Fuck.mp3" {unreleased}.(Ratskin, 2010)

ANTI - EAR "Tapeworm" (excerpt) from " split c5 w/Bran (...) Pos" (Ratskin, 2011)

BONUS BEAST "Terminally Yours" from "Just Because You're Paranoid...." c24 (Ratskin, 2010)

BONUS BEAST "The Retirement Home IS Where You'll Figure It All Out.mp3 (Unreleased, 2007)

BRAN (...)POS "Fucked In The Ass By My Own Tail" (excerpt) from " split c5 w/Anti-Ear" (Ratskin, 2011)

CHROME GENIE "Browser" from "Beyond Normal" C30 (Ratskin, 2011)

COAGULATOR "Primary Flacidity" (excerpt) from "gold Four" c5 split w/ Collapsed Arc (Ratskin, 2011)

COLLAPSED ARC "Under 52 Loop" (excerpt) from "gold Four" c5 split w/ Coagulator (Ratskin, 2011)

CRANK STURGEON "Lasting Whipexcerpt from "Lasting Whip" c60 (Ratskin, 2010)

CRANK STURGEON "Caber, Lamb" (excerpt) from "Tour Cdr" (Ratskin, 2011)

DENTAL WORK "Rostov's Breakthrough..." (excerpt) from "Rostov's Breakthrough..." CDr (Ratskin, 2011)

DIFFERENT DENTIST Drill Possessionspiria.mp3 {{Unreleased/Decaycast Archives}}

GUMBALL RIMPOCHE cancer(excerpt).mp3 from "Epic Fail" c40 (Ratskin, 2011)

JERK "Slag" from "Some Trauma" C20 (Ratskin, 2011)

THE HATERS Five Minute Five Second Glitch (excerpt) from"Tour Cdr" (Ratskin, 2011)

HEADBOGGLE " In Santasound" (excerpt) from "Gold six" split w/ Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet (Ratskin, 2011)

NERFBAU Claws.mp3. from Meniere's Sideshow CS from "(Ratskin, August 2010).

NERFBAU Styrofoam Sanchez Cut.mp3{excerpt) From v/A: "Steamer Van!" 4 Way split CDR (Ratskin,2009)

PCRV "Crunch On Lunch" (excerpt) from "Tour Cdr" (Ratskin, 2011)

SABRETEETH Cooking W/ Daddy T.mp3 / from "Toxic Prizes" CDr (Ratskin,2008)

SABRETEETH Boxed Fuzz Digger.mp3V/A:"Your Feedback" CD (NCNFRecords,2008)

SALSA PILE Side A {excerpt} from "memory Apprehension Goggles" c57 (Ratskin, 2010)

SHARKIFACE Defibrillator Pulse (Unreleased, 2009)

TERROR APART "Scud of Foam" from "Beyond The Blue" c40 (Ratskin, 2011)


CORAL REMAINS Zero tour Trailer, 2015

LAS SUCIAS "chiquito, bendito!" 2016

MAYA SONGBIRD "Delicate Chemistry" 2016

SABRETEETH-"Swamp Dirge".Directed by Tyrone Davies

SHARKIFACE "Obsessions In Red" Video Loop, 2009

STYROFOAM SANCHEZPlastic Island; Live, SF, CA 20009