FALSE NONE - Cult Industrial Ritual Performance Piece
Various Locations . ( Jan 2017-Present)


CORAL REMAINS a.k.a. Styrofoam Sanchez. Mobile Sound/Post Industrial Performance,
Various Locations . (2011-Present)
CORAL REMAINS is a post industrial sound and sculptural installation personifying the trash island in the pacific gyre. Spawning from a hybrid of human DNA and trash, Sanchez is a dystopian amalgamated magnification of failed civilizations, spliced rogue technologies gone awry spawning dark pulses of technological neurosis and inner psychosis . When fish put fin to sand then you'll understand, fish can carry guns. Styrofoam Sanchez represents the last molecule before total conversion of humans into futuristic trash receptacles. Human, your skull will be in a museum.
Empire Underwater" "Calling The Eye" DVD Excerpt (2014)
Additional Documentation, Performance History, Selected Works of this Specific project can be found HERE

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Noise Helmet Vs. Sound Shield. PsychoAcoustic Treatment For The Modern Citizen (2008)
Diego Rivery Gallery, San Francisco (2008)
Noise Helmet Vs. Sound shield was an installation in the Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, 2008. Noise Helmet Vs. Sound Shield was a complex study in live sound manipulation, psychoacoustics, surveillance and noise abatement.

The Noise Helmet installation consisted of a sensory deprivation chamber, with a customized controller chair in which the participant would sit in the chair, which was accompanied by the Noise Helmet, which was a metal and fabric housing containing a thirteen channel sound piece which incorporated homemade oscillators, live audio feeds from the gallery as well as a microphone placed in the center of a thirteen foot wooden sound shield. There was also a control desk in which the viewers of the piece could observe the participant in the depravation chamber on a closed circuit video monitor as well as control several of the sounds being routed into the noise helmet. The participants in the sealed off room were simultaneously surveying the gallery, it's passerby's, and other participants, whilst at the same time being surveyed themselves. Noise Helmet saught to turn the gallery space into an introverted panopticon
Noise Helmet was a collaboration with Sean Sponsler and Jsun Mccarty.